2010 World Most Expensive City – Tokyo Ranked First

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2010 World Most Expensive City

Last year, the city ranked second but this year, due to the rising strength of yen has brought back Tokyo, Japan to the number one spot in the top 10 listing of most expensive cities in the world, as per information provided by BusinessWeek, beating Luanda, Angola down to number three this year. If you haven’t noticed or realized just how expensive it is the cost of living in Japan, perhaps knowing that in just the first 10 of the expensive cities in the world list, there’s already like 4 big Japanese cities on the list – Nagoya, Yokohama and Kobe. That’s like 40% of it and I think it’s not too much to even say that Japan is the most expensive country in the world to live in, compared to the level of one’s personal comfort and luxury to other places in the world.

Japanese Cities’ Ranking of World Most Expensive Cities:-

1. Tokyo, Japan ( 2nd ranking in 2009)

4. Nagoya, Japan (3rd ranking in 2009)

5. Yokohama, Japan (4th ranking in 2009)

7. Kobe, Japan (6th ranking in 2009)

Generally, we know how expensive it is living in Japan but maybe we have not realized that it is actually the most expensive living cost and expenses in the world! A 6 tatami room sized rent for single occupant is about $300 to $500 a month! It was also cited that the rent for a two-bedroom apartment for expatriates is about $5000 per month in Tokyo! A kilogram of rice is relatively more expensive in Nagoya at the price of $9.41 per kg, food are fairly more expensive in Kobe (heard of the popular and expensive beef from Kobe), whereby catching a single movie at the cinema costs about $20 per entry per movie, although that is not always the case, since it can be cheaper if you know how to get cheaper tickets. You can read my previous post on watching cinema in Japan.

Did you know that the Japanese love second hand items and flea markets? Because that’s probably one of the place and time where they can have a bargain at things, and discount periods at supermarket is sure a hassle for housewives and other customers alike. Well, we can’t blame them to be frugal if we understand their trouble of high standard of living.

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