Just like the name of the blog suggest, this is a personal blog about my experience working on arts, designs, website and learning various thing throughout my life. It will also focus on making money online. However, it is not only blabbing endlessly about the possibilities and chance to make money online. I’m trying to make it more than that. With this blog, I will try collecting and researching guides that are suitable for a beginner and gradually climbing up to a more advance level as I myself leveled up. Hopefully..

Anyway, I’m really fond of good pictures taken by professional photographer. The angle when a picture is taken, the combination of colors is really soothing that sometimes leave me in awe.  So I’ll try to post a few good pictures from my second hand, almost broken digital camera in a mean time. Comments and criticisms are really appreciated.

So who am I behind the scene?

I’m nobody. Just a person among millions of other bloggers seeking for an opportunity and a room of space to talk and to earn little money by chance. In real life, I’m just a mediocre computer technician, and it had been 2 years since I finished my studies in health science.

How did I start blogging?

Previously surfing and playing game are my ultimate hobbies. I never actually thought of blogging before but over time, things started to change. So I never made my mind to blog until I started thinking about money and the future. It is vague but there’s hope. Sadly enough but true, in this world money could even mean everything as far as survival is concern. I rather say that I was involuntarily dragged into this mess. I will need money to support my family. So there goes my motivation to start blogging and build up this mixed content blog and also about make money online.

Well, I was pretty used to ebook since some time ago but maybe by chance I bumped into a few good ones. The ones talking about the opportunity to build a life online. It was an immediate change of path, and I was blessed with the chance, and time. I thought, why not take advantage of something that I enjoyed doing and still enjoy doing now – that is being on the internet, surfing, hosting sites and all. It’s like another world for me and I like being here.

How will I present this blog?

Currently I have no niche to focus on this blog. Though it’s titled with work and art but the truth is I will mixed it with many topics; art, web design and personal opinion about anything that interest me.

As for make money online, I have few niche blogs that I’m currently experimenting with. So I’m thinking on sharing my experience. I’m take a different approach, that is by pointing and rectifying my mistakes. And since I’m not an expert I’ll try to provide solutions based on what I’m doing and use some other people posts as references. I like to test everything myself, so hope I can get others opinion as well. Up until now, I found other fellow bloggers who are very friendly and easy to communicate with, especially in sharing their own personal experiences.

My declaration

I’m still a newbie, so my ideas in my future post might be just an opinion from varies solution. Feel free to give your comments, even constructive ones. Though I think there are no perfect strategies if it’s about to earn money online. All are pretty much based on our ability and effort, and even luck. Some things might work for a certain person, some just don’t.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this post.

All the best regards,