Another Interesting Facts About Japan – White Taiyaki?

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Previously, I’ve written a post about Taiyaki, a sort of traditional snack of pound cake with sweet red bean paste inside it. It also has the shape of a fish, which make it distinctive. One thing I forgot to mention about Taiyaki in my previous post is the fact that Taiyaki is often eaten during winter. It’s like some sort of a winter specialty whereby in winter, you’ll see a lot of Taiyaki stalls on many busy streets. But in other season, you probably can get it in department stores and shops inside shopping malls.

Here’s another interesting facts about Japan’s favorite snack!

It’s nothing weird or strange about people standing in line to buy something in Japan, things like Taiyaki, Dorayaki or any other Japanese snacks. Well, not everything can be found on vending machines, right? When some other things or food stuff in particular are best eaten when it’s still hot. But what is strange is when people endure the trouble and pain of standing in line for forty to fifty minutes in line to get their favorite snack – Shiroi Taiyaki or the White Taiyaki.

White taiyaki - (Credit-Taro san)

So what is it that makes it so special? Well, first it’s white in color, none like the ones you usually see (it is usually brownish in color). And it’s chewy and gummy in texture –like when you’re eating bubblegum or mochi (Japanese rice cakes, if you’ve taste one before) and it also comes in many different flavors beside sweet red bean, such as sweet black bean paste, custard and also sweet white bean paste. And there are even few remarks which said that this White Taiyaki is best eaten when it’s cold. Some people might like it, some might not. But why don’t you give a try when you have the chance anyway? No harm right? *nikoniko*

Where can you find it? There is one specialty store for white taiyaki and it has outlets all over Japan. You can take a look at the Shiroi Taiyaki Shop’s website, but it’s in Japanese though. Price for each is around ¥150 (about $1.6). I think it depends on your choice of filings.

Shiroi Taiyaki Store

Shiroi Taiyaki Store

Here I will only list a few Shiroi Taiyaki Shops and Outlets in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka:

  • In Tokyo, you can find Shiroi taiyaki shops at:

- Arakawa store

1-13-21 Senju Minami, The famous Wada Building no. 1, Arakawa ward, Tokyo 116 – 0003 (Phone: 03-3801–7506)

- Agano candy side store

4-7-8 Agano, Candy side center Building no. 1, Taito ward, Tokyo 110 – 0005 (Phone: 03 – 3831 – 5296)

- Akishima store

2-15-22 Haijima Town, Akishima city, Tokyo 196 – 0022 (Phone: 042 – 545 – 0018)

- Higashiyamato store

1-8-8 Minami town, Higashiyamato City, Tokyo (Phone: 042 – 565 – 3544)

- Shinjuku Okubo store

1-28-13 Kita Shinjuku, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo 169 – 0074 (Phone: 03 – 5332 – 6678)


  • In Osaka, you can find Shiroi taiyaki shops at:

- Osaka Neyagawa store

21-23 Kotobuki, Neyagawa shi, Osaka 572 – 0029 (phone: 0728-33-2355)

- Osaka Chimori stores

8-14 Mori 2 Chome, Akira ward, Osaka city, Osaka 535 – 0013 (phone: 06-6954-8565)

- Kyobashi store

2-5-20 Minami Miyakojima, Miyako ward, Osaka city, Osaka 534 – 0023 (phone: 06 – 6926 – 0248)

- Ibaraki store

1-38, Oike 1 Chome, Ibaraki city, Osaka 567 – 0826 (phone: 072 – 636 – 6286)

- Sumiyoshi store

3-15 Karita 7 Chome, Sumiyoshi ward, Osaka city, Osaka 558 – 0011 (phone: 06 – 6696 – 7901)


Nikoniko means ‘grinning’ or ‘smiling’.

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  1. jane

    hi, i love taiyaki and i know how to make one..thanks to your post now i know there is also “white taiyaki”..may i know what makes it snowy white in color?because the ones im preparing are brownish in color as i use common waffle mixes..i hope you could post more about this White Taiyaki..thank you so much…


    admin Reply:

    It’s the flour that they use which makes it white. They use the same type of flour that they use to make mochi. It’s glutinuous rice flour, if I wasn’t mistaken. Hope this’ll helps… ^^

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