Black Onsen Eggs of Owaku-dani

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In many hot spring resorts in Japan (called as ‘onsen’), you will be able to fine onsen eggs – which basically is boiled eggs.

These onsen eggs are made by dipping the eggs in the very hot onsen water. Most onsen eggs are soft-boiled and the weird part is that most of the time the yolk is harder than the white. A natural miracle? You can perhaps say so since this is not the normal phenomenon of soft-boiled egg where you will have the whites harder than the yolk. But if you happen to get the chance to visit Owaku-dani while you were residing in Tokyo, you will surely have the opportunity to see another wonder, which is the Black Onsen eggs.

Black onsen eggs Owakudani

Black onsen eggs Owakudani

The black onsen eggs are sold with salt and it taste real good, some may find it even better that the normal hard-boiled eggs. Yes, these black onsen eggs are hard-boiled due to the very high water temperature in Owaku-dani. The Japanese called them as ‘Kuro Tamago’ which literally means what it is – a black egg. Another interesting part of this whole black egg business is that there are saying by eating one can lengthen your life-span for another three years.

However, don’t get your hopes to high to see something weird inside of those hard black shells. It’s nothing like the century eggs which totally morph into this kind of gooey see through black egg. For black onsen eggs, it’s only the shell is black, the filling is the same as a normal hard-boiled egg. However, you will notice a very strong and pungent smell of sulfur, which may or may not kill your appetite to eat it (Gas that are high in sulfur doesn’t at all smells nice, mind you). It is also said that the sulfur and iron content in the hot water bond to the shell, making it turn to black in color.

You can find shops around the Owaku-dani selling these eggs for about ¥500 per bundle of 5, so that’s about ¥100 each then. So, if you have some spare time to spend during your visit to Tokyo, you would consider going for a new kind of adventure in Owaku-dani and don’t forget to eat some of those black onsen eggs! Chances are, you won’t be able to experience the so-called route to longevity claimed by the Japanese people, elsewhere.

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