Fitness guide ebook: The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of

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Most biceps exercises, such as barbell and dumbell curls, require that you move the resistance around your body while your body remains anchored. While this is certainly effective, it has been established that exercises which require you to move your body around a fixed object (such as occurs during a chin-up) fire many more muscle fibers. This results in a much more effective exercise for the muscle! And if that wasn’t enough to make this a killer exercise, have a look at this:
The majority of biceps exercises are isolation exercises. They work the biceps across only one joint (the elbow). This seriously limits the amount of weight you can use and hence limits your ultimate biceps development.”


In this sample book you will find five fantastic exercises for several of the major muscle groups in your body.
Remember, this is only a very small taste of the innovative exercises found in “The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of!”

How To Do It:
Read through the exercise descriptions thoroughly so you know exactly what the exercise is going to accomplish, how to execute it properly and safely and how to best incorporate the exercise into your workouts.

Common Errors:
The “Common Errors” section of each exercise will let you know some of the typical ways the exercise is done improperly so you can take steps to correct yourself before they even happen!

Finally, be sure to read through all the “Tricks” for each exercise. There are tips that will help you get even more out of these already amazing exercises.


For my review, above statement conclude all the content you can find in this ebook. It also has few graphic for better understanding about exercises which are being discuss. Though it’s just a sample ebook, it does not mean that it has a short, brief, uncompleted guide.


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