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Natsu SenseiLearning something that you really like should be a very pleasant experience for everyone, such in the case when you are trying to learn a new language. Japanese language is a very interesting language to begin with. It helps a lot knowing certain words and phrases in Japanese while living or touring Japan. Therefore, I wanted to provide something useful for people who wants to learn just the simple and basic Japanese language phrases and words for free and most importantly, it should fun too!

So meet Natsu Sensei~ She will teach you some simple Japanese terms, words, phrases and grammar this summer! (‘Natsu’ means summer in Japanese language)

Today, Natsu sensei will teach you the very basics of Japanese Language – starting with self introductions or Jiko shoukai. When visiting Japan, of course you will meet many new people and it is only courteous to introduce yourself properly.

Japanese Language Useful Phrases

Brief Japanese Language Grammar Corner

  • Wa’ is a particle like ‘a’ and ‘the’ used to indicate the topic of a sentence.
  • ‘…desu’ is the predicate of an affirmative sentence.
  • ‘…ja arimasen’ is the predicate of a negative sentence.
  • ‘Ka’ is placed at the end of a sentence to indicate it is a question.
  • ‘No’ is a particle that combines two nouns and at times indicates possession.
  • ‘Mo’ is used when the predicate of the second sentence is the same as that of the first or simply put, it represents similarity.
  • ‘O-‘ is a prefix added to a word concerning the listener or a third person in order to convey the speaker’s respect for that  person.

If the phrase table is not clear, it is advisable for you to save the table as picture and view it from your PC.

Tips from Natsu sensei when socializing in Japan

When someone gives you his/her business card, you should receive it in both hands and after receiving that card, you should slowly place it on the table in front of you. Never put away the card immediately since this act is considered rude in the Japanese social custom.

So, that’s all from Natsu sensei~ She will be back next week for more! Nihongo o hanashimashou!~ (Let’s speak Japanese!) Any question, feel free to ask Natsu sensei through the website email~

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