Getting and Eating Pizza in Japan – A Small Luxury

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Pizza – a very well-known meal worldwide, is actually a sheer luxury in Japan. Yes, you heard me right. A luxury in Japan, simply means that it is an expensive menu in Japan which can eventually cost you up to ¥3000 ++ (which is about $30++) for a single large pizza, without any other add-ons. If you’re living elsewhere where pizza is almost an everyday menu and affordable where your family can enjoy every now and then, this is probably an insane price to begin with! (It is insane since at my place I can get 2 pizzas for only US$10 with promotional coupons ^0^)

Pizza is actually a sheer luxury in Japan - (Pic credit:Taro)

In Japan, they practically have all the typical pizza outlet names that we have and often heard of, like Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesars and many more. In addition to that there is also the local pizza company brand name which is called ‘Pizza La’, but most people in Japan said that the delivery charge for Pizza la is much more expensive than any other brand name (others have free delivery even…), although that they taste real good. In Japan, they don’t have personal pan pizza size. Instead they only go for medium size and large (but in reality that is likely equivalent to small and medium size in the US). The price of pizza in Japan ranges according to the choice of topping and the respective sizes. You can get a medium one as cheap as ¥1,600 per pan and a large one as cheap as ¥2,800. However, most medium size will cost you around ¥2,000 and above and a large one for more than ¥3,000.

Pizza La outlet in Japan

PIZZA LA outlet in Japan

Well, I think it is pretty common for these fast food companies to adapt their products regionally. When in Japan, do as the Japanese do right? But when you’re in Japan and crave for some pizza, there’s no other way but to spend a small fortune on it, and also don’t forget to try some of the unique pizza flavors or part of combo ingredient that you can find in pizzas of Japan such as teriyaki chicken, meat miso and mushroom, sweet sauce beef, spinach and broccoli (this is something..), apple and cinnamon pizza, and in Japan, you’ll probably have a lot more options of seafood toppings than other places in the world, for example –ebi or prawns (which is also a treat in Japan since good quality shrimp and prawns are expensive there).

I’m pretty sure I saw some headlines somewhere about pizza with natto (fermented soybeans) with mayo toppings. Really wonder how that tastes like…

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