Halloween Costumes, Parties and Japan

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Are you wondering of how people in Japan celebrate Halloween? But the question is whether they do celebrate it or not, right?

Cute japanese kid on halloweenWell, it’s really hard to say but the rising cosplay trends in Japan may have something to contribute to the celebration of Halloween in Japan. However, one of the common activities on the event are the ones usually held in Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka Universal Studio every year and there will always be a surprising number of people, usually young adults and teenagers who participated in the events.

In other words, it is not something that well known throughout the nation, and probably those who live in big cities knows of the existence of the event. Therefore, for gaijin or foreigners living in Japan to celebrate Halloween every year, you probably have to go the big cities to do so. There will be several Halloween cosplay gatherings and parties which you can join besides the one in Tokyo Disneyland.

But actually, I personally see that the Japanese people doesn’t exactly celebrate Halloween day for the sake of Halloween really, rather it is more towards a celebration of dressing up and lots of art decorations. We all know how much is the Japanese involvement in Anime, Manga and Games. Pretty much of those that we read, saw and play are of Japanese products. And they are making Halloween costumes out of these characters! There’s nothing like trick or treat or bonfire and such like the one we usually have in the US or in Europe.

Halloween in Japan

Halloween party in Japan (Credit:Verdammt)

Therefore, in case you’ll be in the land of the rising sun this Halloween, be sure to check up some Halloween events which will be held in Japan such as the one in Kawasaki. Kawasaki is a town in Tokyo and it’s famous for playing hosts to some of the most eccentric festivals in Japan. Then you have Halloween event in Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studio in Osaka, Kiddyland in Omotesando in Tokyo, Matsumoto Halloween Festival, and also the controversial Tokyo Yamanote Halloween Halloween Party, also in Tokyo.

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