Heechul of Super Junior Weird Interest

by Kim Unnie 6 August 2010 No Comment

Heechul of Super Junior(SUJU) has another weird interest

Yes, we all know that Heechul is one of the most favourite member of Super Junior by fans but it seems like the guy had a few queer habits and interest. Regardless of being one of the most popular member of Super Junior, Heechul stands out as the weirdest amongst all of them. Every once in a while, you can expect something weird coming out from him, be it in statement of action.

His latest weird statement is about him wanting and interested in playing with ghost! It sounds a little like when a 13 year old meets Casper, but I ain’t too sure ghosts are friendly at all so as to play with you. Heechul even made an effort of uploading quite a number of ghost pictures on the website of a web radio where he works at. Another announcer of the web radio station even told the media that Heechul often talks about ghosts and brought up the subject of ghosts and ghost-related topics while hanging around with him.

The announcer said, “Heechul said he wanted to take a picture with a ghost. He even asked me to find a picture of a ghost that has been edited and have it imposed together with his picture looking as if he was strangling the creature”. I bet he must looking for those lookalike from Ju-on or those creepy female ghost from many Korean horror flick. “But I couldn’t find that kind of picture, so I just tried whatever I could.” Added the announcer.

Talking about deep weird interest…

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