Hero Jaejoong Blushes in New Drama: Hard To Say I Love You

by Kim Unnie 9 August 2010 One Comment

Hero Jaejoong DBSK blushes and all pink?!

We all know about Hero Jaejoong, member of DBSK new drama and no, it’s not Korean drama, it’s a Japanese drama. I guess he must be making quite a reputation to have gotten himself a role in a Japanese drama. His role is one among five main roles in the drama titled Hard To Say I Love You or ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ in Japanese language.

It was reported that Jaejoong didn’t have a hard time in playing his first role in a Japanese drama and that he’s quick to befriend all the other cast who are all professional Japanese actors like Eita, Ueno Juri, Tetsuji Tamayama and Megumi Seki. However, thing stirs up high each time he tried to act out a romantic scene – Jaejoong blushes! And he blushes hard enough till his face turns pink. How cute!

In an interview when asked about how he felt when acting the scene of silently liking Haru, acted by Ueno Juri, Jaejoong casually replied, “I feel so embarrassed when facing a girl whom I can’t express how I really feels, honest. During rehearsal my face blushes like mad as if I’m really in love with Haru!Haha.”

Wonder if that laugh was just a cover up. *winks* Anyway, gonna grab my hands on that new drama soon as I can. Anyone have seen it to tell how was it?

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