Hiroyuki Sanada, The Successful Japanese Actor on International Screen

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Somehow, Hiroyuki Sanada gives me the impression as the Asian Robert Deniro.

hiroyuki sanadaYou might see his face randomly on the TV and certain movies, but he’s actually a well known and respected public figure in the Japanese world of entertainment. You’ll be astounded to see his performance in samurai dramas and movies, and the world got to see the best of him from ‘The Last Samurai’ and also through ‘Sunshine’ which he co-starred next to big names like Tom Cruise and Asian martial art superstar babe, Michelle Yeoh. You’ll probably caught the glimpse of him in Speed Racer and Rush Hour 3, as well as a few other multinational cooperation movies such as ‘The Promise’. It was said that Sanada has quite a contact with Jackie Chan but never really had the chance to act alongside till Rush Hour 3.

Hiroyuki Sanada Biography

He was born Hiroyuki Shimosawa in Tokyo, Japan on October 12, 1960. An adventurous lad driven under the Libra Star sign. Sanada san had also graduated from Nihon University of Art, majoring in Film in the year 1982. In 1990, he married a Japanese actress Satomi Tezuka and had two sons but divorced 7 years later, due to his adulterous affair with another actress, Riona Hazuki. This was the short pitfall of Sanada’s career for some time before rising up again. His was often credited and nicknamed as Henry, Harry or Duke Sanada and was even labeled as a major playboy due to the love affair he had back in the younger years. Sanada san also released several albums in the 80’s and toured Japan in rock concerts. Yea, you’ll probably find it hard to imagine him singing but it ticks the clock well right? He’s multi-talented after all, with good and sexy voice to begin with. But I guess, his acting skill shines on more than his singing skills.

Hiroyuki Sanada Career Profile

young hiroyuki sanadaSanada had always wanted to be an actor since young and his first involvement in the showbiz was probably when he was 5, when he modeled for a local magazine cover. Not far later, he started training with Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club and became quite a talent in martial arts, jazz as well as traditional Japanese dance. His first real movie was when he was 14 years old, and since then goes a lot of action movie rows for him. Due to a desire to expand his repertoire beyond action roles and being shocked into reassessing his life after the sudden death of his mother to a stroke in 1989, Sanada left the Japan Action Club and founded his own production company, Libra International. Sanada wanted more than just active roles and longed for more dynamic and challenging roles. As a matter of fact, Sanada may be the most successful Japanese actor in the International Screen, next to Ken Watanabe most possibly.

In total, Sanada has done over 70 Japanese feature films including the famous ‘ The Twilight Samurai’, several theaters including Shakespearean ones like Romeo & Juliet and King Lear, where he earn his MBE (Members of the British Empire) title from Queen Elizabeth II. He have also done some TV dramas. I remembered him clearly in a moving love drama when he acted with Nanako Matsushima called ‘Konna Koi no Hanashi’ or ‘This Love Story’. His first international screening was actually in ‘The Last Samurai’ where he acted alongside Tom Cruise.

Because of his great acting skill, fans of the series ‘Lost’ will be seeing Sanada again soon in the last season of of the ABC show in 2010, which is during its sixth and final season. However, that were the only detail disclosed, others were kept under wraps. But do expect the best coming from Sanada sensei again! Yay~

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  1. Arun

    Hello. I’m from India. I’m a desperate fan of sanada. I have been his great fan since 8 Now I’m 29. Now I’m running a school here. Even now I advice my students to watch sanada’s movie. I’d very much like to meet him. I really like to meet him once in my life time. Please if you think it’s possible Please let me fulfill my dream one day. Such a great man he is.


  2. sanu baskey

    i am the greatest fan of radwimps and abingdon boys school here in india.radwimps music has the japanese touch, that it feels,if you hear their music.pleased to know someone hears japanese music other than me in india.please let me know if i can help in making this site useful. thank you a million times


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