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As stated in the title, today I would like to share a few tips about blogging. Mainly on how to search keyword for your post.  Of course, it need to be accompanied by good seo technique but I guess you know it better than me. Onsite and offsite SEO bla bla bla..

OK, the main idea of searching specific keyword is for your post to rank high in search engine. Better search ranking means more visitors flooding your site and more income if your site is focusing on making money online. Thus more readers so more feedbacks you will get. Well, no matter what it’s still every blogger dream to get more and more visitors to visit his / her site everyday, doesn’t it?

This one secret might not really be a secret for a pro blogger. But just in case you overlooked it, and not realizing it, I’ll try to open your eye using this post. Because all these things that will be mentioned next are free to grab and easy to understand.

google_webmastertoolThis free service that I mentioned is Google webmaster tools. You are familiar with the service right? or at least heard of it. The first thing that you did when you start blogging was accessing this service. Yes, by submitting your site and get indexed by Google. It’s not a compulsory thing to do, really, but by submitting your sitemap to Google, at least Google will get notices on every additional posts on your blog. It will also help you to track any error and to know how your site’s going around the Google network.

OK, one of the features is that you can check top queries that has been made to your site. It’s not so accurate but it is something that will help on your site’s growth and development. Especially if you are just a small blogger and you never wanted to spend any money on getting advance softwares to help you. If you look at it closely, you will notice there is 2 parts of queries. One is queries that been made, and another one is queries that had been used to access your site.

Next, our main focus is queries that has been made, and whether it is used to visit your site or not. You will notice that it also includes your rank in the Google search ranking and count of queries in percentage. Believe it or not, sometimes you will see that the most searched keyword that relate to your site is a keyword with lower position or rank (1 is highest, 2, 3 and so forth are lower). For my case, this keyword is not really a keyword that I focus. It’s just an extra info in one of my post with few phrases that contain those words. *sigh*

Google Webmaster tool queries


This is an example from one of my blog. My blog is focusing on health and fitness, so how did celebrity keyword can pop up among my queries and on top of it sit first place on the list. Oh well, I forgot to mention that queries can be separated into websearch, blogsearch, image search etc. So this one might  have been from the image search.. And one more thing, you can only get this type of result after your sites are well established or at least indexed by Google.

Now for brainstorming, if I can get a lot of queries upon a keyword that I totally have not focus on, what will happen if I spend my time and make ready a post using the keyword. For this keyword to pop up just like that, means the keyword is easy to get rank, as a short less competitive keyword. It may turn out 1mil result from search engine but those posts  are not focus around the keyword and still lack SEO. Anyway, for health topic I’m not really sure how to make a post focused mainly on celebrities. At most I can use her as an example as someone who look sexy and fit like I use before :P

Anyway, I really did use this technique on my other blog and I can see the result. Yeah, because all my blogs focus on secondary keyword that came from post title, that’s how I use SEO. So when I found a suitable keyword through Google webmaster tools, all I did was make a new post using the keyword and make a link back (anchor link) to the old post or vice versa.  Well, I’m not really sure about SEO using image but I do know that when we post image, make sure to change the image name into a keyword. And do not forget to put alternate label or title for the image too. When trying to place an image, make sure to place it next to the paragraph that contain keyword, and use suitable image.

So, I think you get the rough idea on what I’m tying to tell here. Do not underestimate free services. Sometimes it can really make a difference. A big difference really.

Till then, good luck blogging !

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