Japan Weather – The Striking Autumn in Japan

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Fall season or autumn (or ‘Aki’) in Japan starts in the early September, and it is also the season of typhoon. This year Japan was visited by infamous Typhoon Melor in the near mid of autumn. Weather resembling that of the rainy season also occurs because of the autumnal rain fronts. The weather clears in mid-October, and the winter winds start to blow. If summer is a season of fun, festivals and holidays, autumn in Japan is more like a season of relaxing and pure enjoyment of nature and it goes from September through November. Of course, there are also festivals and a lot of fun stuffs and things to see at this time of the year – Akimatsuri (autumn festival), Kouyou (the ‘red leaves’ autumn foliage), seasonal foods and exceptionally beautiful sceneries.

Autumn scenery in Japan (Credit:Masaichi Suzuki)

If you’re planning to visit Japan, the autumn season has many things to offer besides the famed spring season. But, instead of Hanami and sakura, you’ll be offered many gorgeous and remarkable sceneries of trees of red Japanese maple leaves (kouyou) and mildly cool temperature will surely give you such nostalgic kind of atmosphere. Places like Kyoto, Nara and Hokkaido should be the ‘must places to visit’ during this time.

The climate during fall or autumn in Japan is mildly cold on the average with much higher temperature in the early September and that is one reason why there are occasional typhoons and frequent rough winds and rains due to the seasonal and temperature change. It’ll get a lot cooler in the mid October and in November, the temperature might drop drastically as it nears winter season. The average temperature for autumn in Japan is about 12°C on the north parts, 20°C on central Japan and 26°C around the south of Japan.

Autumn festival - akimatsuri in Japan

Autumn festival - akimatsuri in Japan

Fall or autumn is also the season of harvesting in Japan, that is one reason there are many celebrations and festivals around this time. Autum festivals in Japan or Akimatsuri in shrines begin with Shinto rituals to offer their thankfulness and appreciation to the Gods. It is held in every region and how they celebrate might vary from one another. However, you won’t be missing food stalls and yatai (or stage performance by local residence playing traditional musical instruments), autumn crafts and other regional specialties. Another great thing about autumn in Japan is the beautifulness of the red Japanese maple leaves or kouyou. Places like Kinkaku-ji temple and Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto are some of the famous places for kouyou viewing. Records kept in Japan show that over the last fifty years, the average date when autumn colors reach their peak has moved to two weeks later in the year. The Japanese maple leaves usually turn red about 15 days, and Gingko leaves turn yellow about 10 days both from the start of the autumn season.

So you’re missing the spring to visit Japan? Why not visit the country during autumn then?

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