Japanese Dumpling Gyoza Madness!

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gyoza foodGyoza, once tasted you will want more. Gyoza is actually Japanese dumpling which is very famous food in Japan, usually as a dinner meal both at home or eating out. Japanese dumpling has its credit to the origin, the Chinese dumpling which is also a famous and authentic food by the Chinese people. However, the Chinese version of dumpling came in many different forms and taste, but as for Japanese dumpling, practically there is only one kind that is well-known and famous for (like the one shown in the picture), which is usually fried, and then steamed.

Origins and Brief History of Gyoza

Gyoza was not introduced to Japan until the 1940’s, most probably during the World War II when the Japanese invasion of China in the late 1930s, the Japanese people got to learn of the art of making dumpling and brought it back home. The popularity of Gyoza can be seen from the existence of Gyoza Stadium in Osaka which is actually a museum that has complete history and explanation of the many varieties of this adopted dish.

Gyoza Stadium in Osaka (Credit to Ujisan)

Gyoza Stadium in Osaka (Credit to Ujisan)

Gyoza is becoming more and more like the staple food of the Japanese people. They prepare it with the whole family and enjoy it together as part of dinner. Gyoza is usually eaten with special dipping sauce which usually made of a mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil. Gyoza is usually in a half circle or half moon shape with fillings stuffed in the middle. The skin is made of wheat flour and eggs rolled into thin sheets and into rounds about three inches in diameter.

The most typical type of gyoza in Japan is fried and steamed gyoza. However, there are many ways this delicious treat to be prepared aside from frying and steaming such as boiled, grilled, and even skewered into shish kebabs. The most common fillings would be ground pork, cabbage, Japanese chives (nira) and chopped green onions. Maybe I will have the recipe listed on the blog soon~ just thinking about it makes me crave for these little dumplings. Yummy!

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