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Japanese band - GlayIf you happened to have watched Blood: The Last Vampire and stayed till the end of the show, there is a high chance that you would probably find yourself enjoying the theme song called ‘I am XXX’ sung by a very popular Japanese band – Glay.

When it comes to Japanese rock music scene (or more commonly known as Jrock), Glay deemed as one classic commodity. This band can be claimed as one of the most respected music band in Japan, a veteran in their own arena, if not legendary enough. Glay have been around for 20 years since their pre-debut in 1988 as a high school sort of indie band way back in their hometown Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. The band was originally formed by their own members -- Takuro, whom had been till now the leader and spokesperson of Glay and his schoolmate, Teru, also known as lead singer of Glay until now. However, Glay considered their first actual debut as a Jrock band in 1994, along with their first single debut titled ‘Rain’.

Glay’s main member:-

Takuro : Real name Takuro Kubo, guitarist (leader and main songwriter), born in Hakodate (26.5.1971), blood type O

Teru : Real name Teru Kobashi, vocalist, born in Hakodate (8.6.1971), blood type: O

Hisashi : Real name Hisashi Tonomura, lead guitarist, born in Hakodate (2.2.1972), blood type: O — He’s the weirdest but the coolest, methinks!

Jiro : Real name Yoshihito Wayama, bassist, born in Hakodate (17.10.1972), blood type: A


My Glay singles collection


My Glay magazines books collection


Glay is one of my top list favorite bands. I do not only admired them for their music but in their many presentations, their passion and confidence with their own style of music as well as in their work commitment which shown much in their struggle to the top from a local hometown band to become one of Japan’s top ranking and selling band. Just by reading the History of Glay will make you realize this is a band like none other. They are indeed special enough to be named as one of Japan’s legends in music in the future.

As of lately, Glay has been broaden their music variety, and not narrowing only to pop and rock genre to include ballad, reggae and gospel as well. Of course they have their ups and downs but in the end, Glay has never failed to satisfy their fan. Up to the year 2008, Glay has sold an estimated 28 millions records of forty-three singles and about 23 millions copies of fourteen albums in total, with about 37.8 millions in Japan alone.

Famous Jrock Glay

Glay is one of my top list favorite bands

Interesting facts about Glay

  • What is unique about Glay is perhaps, primarily in the band’s name itself. In Japanese language, the name ‘Glay’ is pronounced as ‘Gurei’, which has similarities with the term ‘gray’- meaning a mixture of black and white. It was said that this intentionally made to represent the type of music that they wanted to play: a mixture of pop(white) and rock(black).
  • Once in a few years (with no exact interval basis), Glay will hold an exposition and a concert called Glay Expo, which will be attended by their fans all around Japan, and some of the world even! The first edition was called Glay expo ’99- Survival and was held on July 31 in Summer 1999 at Makuhari Messe. It was attended by 200,000 people, making it the largest concert ever held by a single act in Japan (certified by Guinness World Record).
  • The consequent Glay Expo was held in 2001: Glay Expo 2001- Global Communication
  • And in 2004: Glay Expo 2004 in Universal Studio Japan -- The Frustrated
  • While promoting for Expo ’99, they had their picture printed on the JAL plane, the main sponsor and it flew all over Japan! Imagine that.
  • All members except Teru has produced their own books, which I happened to have one of Hisashi’s (Yea, he was my favorite!^0^). The book was called ‘Arigatou’.
  • All of them have ran their own Radio Shows but as of 2008, only Teru and Jiro maintained their show. As for Hisashi, he stated his first TV regular segment called “RX-72 ? Hisashi (Glay) VS Junichi Mogi~” and Takuro started his own web radio called ‘Takuro Mobile Meeting’.
  • Teru is an active member and spokeperson under the ‘Red Ribbon Link Project’.
  • Glay reach to their fans worldwide. You can become an official fanclub member even if you stayed overseas. I happened to be for a year. Write to their fanclub, and they’ll send you a form to be filled. Back then, it costs me about ¥3,000.
  • Teru was once a divorcee, but later married Ami from Puffy and blessed with a baby girl. Meanwhile, Hisashi married his girlfriend in 1999 named Izumi, which rumored to be his nurse when he was hospitalized due to an accident during a concert around the year 1997. Jiro married Reiko, a reporter of a Japanese rock music magazine in 2000, which happens to be older than him, and Takuro is rumored to have married a model named Iwahori Seri in 2004 and blessed with 2 children.

Get to know more about them from their official website:

Read more about them on their unofficial fansites:

There’s even a free web-based e-mail with @glay.org domain name!


Previously it was Tokyo Jihen, this time, I’ve embedded one of my favorite songs of my favorite band on this featured article -- hail to Glay~ ^0^. This one is called ‘Missing You’, from their 21st single which was released on 15.11.2000. I had some difficulty to choose what song to embed since I have a lot of favorites when it comes to Glay’s songs. You can find it at the Video of the Week ( right sidebar). It’s one of their ballad song and they’re pretty good with ballad even with a little gist of rock element in this piece. Enjoy!

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  1. Anthony

    So do only girls like this band or do guys listen to them to? Are the guys that like them gay?


    admin Reply:

    Glay can be considered legendary in Japan and of course, that means that they are not only liked by girls (although about 60 percent are women and girls), they are also favored and worshiped by guys too~!

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