Soft Drinks in Japan and Weird Names Pt1 Pocari Sweat

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Honestly speaking, Japan is not only a country that is unique naturally, but also in the modern context, Japan excelled as a country that produces a lot of exotic brand names and products. If you’ve ever been to Japan for some time, you will probably get used to seeing a lot of vending machines and almost anywhere. These vending machines sell a wide range of product types and one of them are soft drinks and beverages, which also came with unique and bizarre names. One of it is an energy drink called ‘Pocari Sweat’.

pocari sweat main logoI have no idea as to what ‘Pocari’ means at first but after taking some time browsing the web, asking some of my friends and reading through some possible meanings from my many Japanese language dictionaries and books, I manage to find out what it means at last. Pocari was found closest to a Japanese word ‘Pokkari’, which means light, but it is also related to something like ‘clouds floating in the sky’, some kind of metaphor that give ‘light’ impression and implication. Meanwhile, sweat simply means sweat. But it’s not like you’re drinking somebody’s sweat or anything like that. I find this is the closest meaning possible given that the logo of Pocari Sweat is white letters with blue backgrounds, similar like a cloud on a clear blue sky on summer’s days.

pocari sweatIn case you haven’t tried this drink before, it is something like an isotonic drinks, supposedly to be able to supply ion to your body to avoid dehydration, lost of nutrients and electrolytes during perspiration and also to give you a boost of energy. That is why reason why Pocari Sweat is particularly very popular during hot summer days and best consumed cold.

Pocari Sweat comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Don’t be surprised if you find some in the form of sachets which you have to mix with water and add some ice before drinking it. Pocari sweat is a product of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. And it can also be found in many Asian countries such as in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia. You could also find some in most countries major supermarket or specialty store that sells food products from Japan.

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