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Kat-tun, is the latest craze and idol in Japan for many young adults and teenagers.

Consisting of six fine looking men who flourished individually as well, they are ready to rock on Japan more now and in the future. Kat-tun is an all boy band, a product under the label of the famous male groups producer – Johnny Jimusho or Johnny’s and Associates. The members were around since they were all still around junior high school students and have been performing to other older generations of Johnny’s groups and singers like Kinki Kids and Koichi Doumoto.

Japan Boyband Idol - Kat-tun

Kat-tun History and Profile

They were first form in 2001 in Tokyo, Japan and were put on their first task performing as backup dancers for idol singer, Koichi Doumoto. The fans do not only love Koichi but this group of outstanding young talents as well, and Johnny’s isn’t some kind of low-rated entertainment company that will let a golden opportunity slip away. Thus, so happened the formation of Kat-tun, an all male dance and singing group.

In 2002, in response to many requests, KAT-TUN held their first concert, Okyakusama wa Kamisama -- Concert 55 man nin Ai no request ni Kotaete, which was later released on DVD. That same year, they performed 11 shows in a single day, which is a new record for the most performances within a day, furthermore, it was by a newbie group too. Therefore, it was quite an achievement.

Ever since then, their popularity seemed to escalate so well, that they are now one of the most popular band around in Japan. You can just ask any teenage girl on the street and perhaps none not knowing this particular boy-band. They have performed many times on popular music shows such as Music Station and Shounen Club. In 2005, KAT-TUN released their first major DVD, Live Kaizokuban, which topped the Oricon yearly chart for the best-selling DVD. They even have their own TV show now, called Cartoon Kattun, which received quite large number of audience every time it’s on air. While breaking Japanese sales records, the band put together a sophomore release in 2007, together with lots of variety shows and also the release of their 2008 ‘Queen of Pirates’ concert DVD.

  • Genre of Music: Pop, Ballad with a little blend of Rock and Hip Hop
  • Labels: J-One Records under Jonhhy’s Entertainment
  • Debut Single: Real Face
  • Total Release to date: 4 albums, 10 singles, 9 DVDs (including 4 concert DVDs, stage shows and PV), 2 official photobooks
  • There are many fan sites out there, but the official one is under J-Storm.

Kat-tun Members:

Kazuya Kamenashi (born February 23, 1986)

kat-tun-kazuya-kamenashiRegardless of being the youngest in the band, Kamenashi is often seen as the frontman of Kat-tun. He’s probably the most dependable person and also the most popular among them. He is noted for his talent in baseball, having once represented Japan in a world tournament as a child though he had to give up dreams of playing professionally after joining Johnny’s. He’s also the main vocalist of Kat-tun, next to Akanishi and these two guys are very close too. Kamenashi also made debuts to many Japanese dramas, so yes, he’s very talented in both acting and singing, thus making him quite an asset to the Johnny’s.

Jin Akanishi (born July 4, 1984)

kat-tun-akanishi-jinThe second man of Kat-tun and also the ladies’ man. He went on hiatus from October 2006 to April 2007 to study English in Los Angeles just as KAT-TUN were six months into their debut. However, rumors has it says that it was because he and Kamenashi was too close to one another that they’re afraid of any weird rumors from surfacing. (Hint hint – Johnny’s typical issue) Akanishi plays the guitar and is a budding songwriter having written several songs for the group and himself. He had also acted in a few Japanese dramas but nearly not as many as Kamenashi.

Junnosuke Taguchi (born November 29, 1985)

kat-tun Junnosuke TaguchiThe acrobat of Kat-tun, and also the one who had the most innocent and child-like smile among all Kat-tun members. Taguchi is known as the most light-hearted member with a carefree-like nature. Taguchi often getting picked on by the other members for his frequent use of dajare (Japanese word puns), he also has a tendency to randomly jump between topics during meetings and interviews. It seems like he had some trouble understanding situation sometimes. Hah! He’s been in few dramas as well like Ganbatte Ikimashoi!, Yukan Club and Hanayome to Papa.

Kouki Tanaka (November 5, 1985)

kat-tun Kouki TanakaTanaka is the rappist of Kat-tun, highly influenced by Hip hop and Reggae. Artistically inclined, Tanaka can illustrate well and designs his own apparel. With band mate Nakamaru, they make up a comedic unit, TaNaka (a portmanteau of their surnames), and perform skits together during concerts. Tanaka has also take a big hit in acting, been in few great dramas and a real good comedian. He had also been the love subject of Maria Ozawa, the infamous Japanese porn star, and this clear statement has been quite a shock and for his fans. Seriously, I think that kinda put a smear on the so called ‘boy-band’ image, but I guess things happen..all the time.

Tatsuya Ueda (October 4, 1983)

kat-tun Tatsuya UedaQuiet, sensitive and really soft spoken. Ueda plays the piano and guitar and is an able composer and lyricist, has written songs for the group and himself. Ueda is an avid boxer and has enough skill in the sport for him to be advised by professionals to get a professional boxing license. He doesn’t act as much as the others but he’s been on stage show with the rest of the members and Dream boys. The latest news has it that he managed to starred in the in his first drama role in a drama series called Konkatsu!, opposite senpai Masahiro Nakai (of SMAP) and popular actress, Aya Ueto.

Yuichi Nakamaru (born September 4, 1983)

kat-tun Yuichi NakamaruNakamaru is great at talking and hosting. He is the current MC of Shounen Club TV show. His main specialty is showcased in beat boxing and vocal percussion, and this ability is like the first and only among Johnny’s members. He said that he had learned by diligently studying hundreds of examples from hip-hop albums after KAT-TUN was formed. He is currently studying at Waseda University majoring in Environmental Studies. It seems like a lot of Japanese pop star been going to this university too…He is also a songwriter and the first member to do a solo stage show -- performing songs, dance, beat boxing and skits for two weeks in August 2008. Nakamura landed himself his first role in a drama called ‘Rescue’ alongside famous NEWS, Masuda Takahisa.

Kattun Trivia

  • What Does Kat-tun means? Well does any of this rings the bell? Kamenashi – Akanishi – Taguchi – Tanaka – Ueda – Nakamaru …Yup! The answer lies in their names! They are the initials of each of the group members. So without one, there won’t be anymore Kat-tun?! Ouch!
  • Last May, Kat-tun made another breaking record event when they performed on their latest concert for seven consecutive nights at Tokyo Dome. This longest streak has been made part of the Guiness Book of Records too.

Let’s listen to ‘You’, one of Kat-tun’s single. Hope you’ll enjoy the video. Till the next post!


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