JiYoon 4Minutes Pissed Off!

by Kim Unnie 2 July 2010 No Comment

When a popstar gone mad, it’s gonna get ugly.

Jiyoon Hot Rumor!

A recent rumor has really got Jiyoon, a member of 4minutes right on the edge. She was totally pissed off by the rumor started by certain parties that said something about the popstar going solo and is about to make solo performance this July. Jiyoon was devastated and got really shocked of the whole thing.

The 28 years old Jiyoon, currently still a member of 4minutes, expressed her dissapointment due to the false rumor and also to the irresponsible parties and sources who had started the rumor and wondered how could such a thing being spread so fast! We say — cool it babe, since it’s not true anyways, right?

She said,”I was shocked to see the reports on the media and news. I did asked my management about it and they were wondering too how could such a thing being brought up since they have never made such comment on me going solo.” She also added,”How can anyone who see and experience this kind of thing and not be mad?! Since it’s so untrue.”

Well, that really got us, fans wondered too. But anyways, since Jiyoon herself deny of the rumor, guess we’ll still get to see her and her sassy steps with 4minutes more after this!

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