Between Johnny’s Jimusho, Johnny’s Entertainment and Johnny Kitagawa

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Johnny’s Jimusho, Johnny’s Entertainment and Johnny Kitagawa are all big names in Japan, especially among music lovers, young adults and teenagers.

The Japanese modern music industry had seen a huge contribution from the Johnny’s Jimusho, established by the ‘father of boy bands’ – Mr. Johnny Kitagawa since way back in the 1960s. If you are a fan of the recent days Japanese boy bands, perhaps you might find it a little weird to find out that the template of their music was actually much more or less based on enka and standard Japanese pop music called as kay?kyoku. These were the genres of music that Johnny Kitagawa and his talent agency, Johnny’s Jimusho had long been on their music foundation.

johnny kitagawa

Johnny Kitagawa (Pic credit:Honeyshikido)

Johnny’s Jimusho or on english term known as Johnny and Associates officially started in 1963 when Kitagawa first launched his first group called the Johnnies, and later came the Four leaves which had made huge success during their active period (1968 – 1978). Ever since then, Kitagawa managed to churned out idol groups one by one and make a big hit and big money out of them. Later in the 80’s, Johnny’s had managed to create a number of big stars such as Tanokin Trio, Ninja, Shibugakitai and Hikaru Genji. Hikaru Genji became the first group to start-off their career with eight straight No.1′s and in 1988, they had the three top-selling singles of the year, a rare feat.

Boy Band - SMAP

Boy Band - SMAP

Then in the 90’s, came another string of successful idol groups like SMAP Tokio (former skateboarders for Hikaru Genji), and a group with much younger members, V6. around this time, Kitagawa had realized that with just singing songs and dancing to it won’t boost the groups popularity and achieve real success, therefore he turned them into multimedia talents – all rounders who can sing, act and host programs as such. Within a couple of years, the faces of SMAP especially were everywhere. They have their own regular TV programs and radio shows, commercials, best-selling albums, dramatic roles in numerous Japanese dramas, magazine covers and more had kept them in the spotlight and at the top of the popularity rankings.

Kitagawa didn’t stop at that. He produced more and more groups and idols and assigned them under subsidiaries such as Johnny’s Entertainment (the biggest subs), J Storm and J-One Records. The new generations of Johnny and Associates include Kinki Kids, Arashi, KAT-TUN, News, and few other junior groups. Perhaps you have realized it already. All of Johnny’s idol groups focused on male groups. Why? Well, the man himself once claimed that they’re just easier to handle. This statement had been quite a controversial point factor when Kitagawa was accused of having molested some of his idols.

One story has Inagaki Goro hardly able to do his dance routines after enduring the romantic advances of Kitagawa. Though they’re widely believed to be true, the squeaky clean image of pretty boy-next-door groups has hardly been dented by these accusations. The Japanese society especially younger generation girls are pretty much into Bishounen love (involves same sex interest) that this matter doesn’t seem to mind them at all. And Johnny Kitagawa had maintained good posture and even won himself 8.8 million yen judgment against the newspaper that had published such allegations. Johnny Kitagawa remained a powerful name in the Japanese music industries even to this day.

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Written by Guest Writer, Honeyshikido, an avid JE idol groups fan.

Author’s note: Thank you for the opportunity given to write something about the company that has produced a lot of my favorite and great talents! Look forward from more articles of Jonhhy’s Entertainment idol groups!

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