Ketsueki-gata or Blood-Type Personality Analysis

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Ketsuekigata-blood-type-personalityIn Japan, the knowledge of your blood type isn’t only necessary for emergency purposes alone. It is quite surprising that even in the japanese modern and high-tech society, this kind of pseudo-science still prevails. Ketsueki-gata or blood type personality is a popular means of match-making, in the employment fields and even in common socializing in Japan, of which often being taken advantage of, especially by business tycoons and entrepeneurs alike. Even the top seller books of year was series of blood personality books, songs with blood personality hint to it, manga (comics), anime (animation) and even TV series…

Personality analysis base on blood type is the biggest boom and considered the ‘in’ thing especially among teenage girls and women in their 20s and early 30s. It is pretty much like the zodiac system in the west and feng shui by the chinese, I should say. It is not at all unusual in general conversation to be asked for your blood group, in much the same way that zodiac signs might be discussed in the west. People can go around chatting ‘My blood type is A, what’s yours?’, and it goes on. Celebrities, public figures, and even the former Prime Minister of Japan thinks it’s particularly important to reveal his blood type to the public.

As much as it is such a endearing sham science among the Japanese, there also people who think it’s nothing but a fad craze that has gone out of control, especially when it has become one of a decision determinant. Besides ketsueki-gata, there is another term which is closely related – “bura-hara,” meaning blood-type harassment. Why is it a harassment? Well, simply by categorizing a person as being good or bad according to their blood-type itself is a form of discrimination. It’s like racism, when you’re judging a person according to the color of their skin. Whatever it is, one thing for sure is that when this sort of frenzy being taken too seriously, it could limit a person’s ability and knowledge, leaving you not knowing another person’s true potential.

What do they say about your blood type?

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