Kim Bum and His Passion for Acting!

by Kim Unnie 5 July 2010 No Comment

“I’m someone who place grave importance in winning!”

Says Kim Bum – the young Korean actor on the rise, with huge acting potential and packaged with a cute and adorable face, it won’t be impossible. After he finished shooting ‘Boys Over Flower‘, Kim Bum had tried all kinds of roles and character which he feels challenging. He said that the more difficult the given role, the more he wants to do it and accept the challenge!

For Kim Bum, acting is one thing that he wanted to do most in his life. He’s got passion and he’s not gonna let it be wasted.

Q: Up till now, what is your most favorite role in all of the dramas that you’ve acted before and why?

Kim Bum: Lee Jang Suk in Dreams! His role is full of charisma and very interesting. As an actor I have to take into account all kinds of aspects aside from my acting skills and choosing the workpiece. Lee Jang Suk in the drama is someone who knows what he wants and acts towards his goal, and that is something that impressed me much!

In case you haven’t watch Dreams! It’s one ‘should-see’ drama by all Kim Bum fans. No elegant, rich kid ambiance or goody-goody Mr. Handsome for Kim Bum, but it’s a drama that shows everything natural and common of a street boy, with high ambitions. Kim Bum can play it out well. Way to go, Kim Bum!

Q: In reality, are you someone who prioritize winning above all else?

Kim Bum: Hurm…yes, since I was small actually. I hate losing regardless of who my opponent is. When I was in high school, I was in the football club. To win and perform well, I practice almost everyday until the sun sets and I’m proud when I was chosen as the captain of the school’s football team. Besides sports, I always struggle and work hard to get first academically or worst, second place. I want to prove to people and myself that I can excel in both sports and academic – that’s just the way I am.

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