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If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll probably come across the post of the death of Yoshito Usui sensei, the creator, writer and artist for the all time favorite manga (perhaps next to Doraemon) – Crayon Shin Chan. The anime went hiatus for a while before the show was aired again on October 13, 2009. It was announced then the show would continue. Until when? That’s yet to be decided.

For information sake, Crayon Shin Chan was originally a manga or Japanese comic that follows the life of Shinnosuke Nohara or ‘Shin Chan’, a mischievous and pervetish five year old boy and his parents, teachers, neighbors and friends. The late Usui sensei also stated that he got the inspiration to make the story from a boy who is very naughty and mischievous in his hometown in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Ever watch ‘Dennis the Menace’ before? if you have, you’ll probably get my point. They’re pretty much similar except this one I’d say is much more adult than for general read.

Crayon Shin Chan is a manga that is full of jokes, some may be even a little obscene and mildly sexual oriented. Shin Chan’s character always potrays the image of a boy who probably have grown a little too mature (and pervetish) than any other kids his age, with his occasional weird and odd language and pronouciations, unnatural and inappropriate behavior will certainly get your teary with laughter. Shin Chan always act based on his understanding and his course of actions often surprise or even irritate people around him, especially his parents. Some of the jokes may be hard to understand and some are even hard to be translated, while most are pretty universal and base on physical and action comedies. Nevertheless, it is still a good manga to roll in bed with tears of laughter. People around you would probably think you’re a little crazy for laughing too much.

Shin Chan’s first manga debut was in the year 1991 in a Japanese weekly magazine called Weekly Manga action, published by Futabasha, and the anime went on air a year after on TV Asahi in Japan and soon on few other TV station worldwide. Both the anime and manga are available and dubbed in many different languages such as English, Chinese, French et cetera. Many scenes in Shin Chan’s episode were heavily censored due to some nudity scenes and inappropriate language use in certain countries. So it wasn’t exactly a manga without issues or controversies. Regardless of that fact, there are still numerous episodes of Crayon Shin Chan’s anime, movies and comic books being published all these years and available in the market worldwide. Besides, you’ll probably find a lot of Shin Chan’s toys, memorabilia and imitation products on sale in most Asian countries’ local markets.

crayon shin chan papercraft

Just for fun sake, let’s enjoy this Do-it-Yourself Shin Chan’s papercraft, especially for Crayon Shin Chan’s fan worldwide!


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  1. shinchanrocks

    I definitely love Shin-Chan! He’s as funny as h**l! And even cute and adorable too!


    admin Reply:

    Yup! I think I get what you mean. Hehe :) Can you imagine having a child or lil brother like Shin??? Huhu~

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