Too obsessed with Japanese manga, is this a disease?

by Fath 14 September 2009 No Comment

Too obsessed with Japanese manga, is this a disease?

Manga obsessionThe title sounds a little too extreme right? but I honestly think it’s an appropriate title for this post,  and I’m not talking about someone else here in particular but me myself.

With today’s current technology, we can just googling and looking up for everything on the internet. I’m pretty sure you have at least few pages of your favorite sites bookmarked in your browser. That’s pretty much the same for me, but I can tell you that one of my bookmarking folder is full with pages of manga sites.

Currently my manga hotspots are onemanga, mangafox and aniphomeunix. Those are my sources for reading manga online. And I can not wait for Friday night to read my favorite shounen jump series. Naruto, one piece, bleach, bakuman.. et cetera et cetera and the list goes on. You can probably just ask me, and I’ve probably read them all. But don’t ask me about shoujo, I can count how many of them were read by me. Never glance at them even once except by recommendation. But it need to have a male protagonist, that’s a must. Hehe (certain someone will be bothered reading this. We always argue over the best genre of manga)

Hm, I’m all grown up but don’t be surprised to see me walking near a comic bookshelf in a store even now.  What’s wrong with that?! Well nothing really. It doesn’t mean that we’re old and can’t read manga. You’re never too old for managa and if you’ve never known before, the manga today has a wide range that suits different age range. But as time passed, I’m not sure what to read anymore. I like to read a complete manga with a good story and drawing. Just waiting really kind of bothers me. How I wished there are unlimited supply of manga to read. *sigh*

Since long ago, I always like Akira toriyama art work. I know you are thinking about dragon ball right? But there are a lot more like Dr Slump and such. There are also other veteran mangaka like Fujiko F. Fujio (creator of doraemon that I like when I was a kid) and Mitsuru Adachi. May be you are not familiar with Mitsuru Adachi. And I love his work. Most of them are about sport specifically about baseball. The current series that he’s been drawing is cross game and it has been made into an anime as well. Well, you know about these mangaka, they have their own original trademark and drawing style. Just by looking at the manga character can tell who is the mangaka. It was sort of like the main tool in deciding and also to tell how they can be a legend in Japanese manga field. Talking about style, I can not forget to mention Crayon Shin Chan. I can laugh all day reading them, lol. It has a very unique ugly style of drawing but I can not resist the ‘beautifulness’ of the manga.  Hmm, I can write and talk non-stop about manga, so I better stop..

Anyway, as for this obsession, I think that being preoccupied with working and such is a good cure. There are lot to think and to do especially when we  are all grown up. I can say that manga become some sort of entertainment for me.  Think it can give a particular effect to me if I’ve become all to obssesed – an Otaku in denial? Haha. For example, after I read a certain good manga till the last chapter and if the story is too touching I’ll be gloomy for a whole day. Not to mention that the time consumed to finish it sometimes up to 24 hours straight. Just a little break to eat and do some personal stuff. Do you think this is normal or do you have this sort of problem too?

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