Make money blogging – Understanding Blogging Cycles 1

by Fath 15 August 2009 One Comment

blog cycle 1Blogging for profit and blogging for fun are different in so many ways. By right, the intention that exists within each term is significant enough to separate the two of it apart. If to say which one is more difficult, that will certainly be blogging for the money. This is because in order to make money online through blogging, additional requirements are needed since the final destination is to ensure the blog will give a decent profit and it is not only for short term, but for as long as the blog is alive and running. While common blogs focus on gathering readership and interaction, make money blogging tends to focus more on profit and this has to be by both gathering traffic and getting profit from its readers. No, as practical as it seems, it is not really emptying the pockets of your readers. But there are other ways by using some methods to monetize without scaring away the readers.


First cycle – Research and study > Draft & objective > Plan and prepare > Action

Second cycle – Feedback > Analysis > Maintain quality

First and most fundamental, it comes toward understand the basic framework of make money blogging. So to say, blogging is kinda similar to any work project whereby ‘researches and studies’ comes first. It is to get basic input about blogging and how to monetize it. So it is not about researching and studying about other topic subjects but the subject of how to make money and blogging itself. There are 101 methods to get profit from our blog, so research is to determine the objective after reviewing all the pros and cons for each method including compatibility with your chosen niche and ability. For a beginner, this period will take longer as it is also meant to give you the feel and vibe of blogging and learn everything a person should know when the want to kick start as a profitable blogger.

The next thing that you should do is to have a draft of objective. But remember, it is best to jump to this next step when you’re confident enough that you have all the necessary and sufficient knowledge to continue with your main pursue. So, after you are determined that you have had enough information, you will need to take time to think of the most secured and fastest way to maximize the outcome. Analyze the sources, make a list of things that you’re going to do and most importantly, be sure to do it without straying away from the main objective. Examples of thing that we should include in the drafting process are whether to use self-hosted blogging, the kind of platform, the type of make money program to join, the target profit, niche, the content sources, progressing period to monitor et cetera.

After all putting all of your brainstorming and thinking skills into practice, next you should be ready for the preparation part of the plan. Yes, preparation is indeed one of the biggest parts of the big plan in make money online. At this stage, you are standing at the threshold of the actual product on the run, which is the state where the blog is next to coming alive. Most people start with registering their blog name. Next in sequence is to search for the best template (that includes appearance, compatibility and interface friendly). Then, you should start to prepare the contents (with good keywords) and the back up plan. Preparation is not something one should underestimate because lack of it can give you more trouble sooner or later in this project. Obviously, a good and well-planned preparation will ensure everything goes smoothly and able to avoid crisis and fatal mistake. You wouldn’t want to redo the whole thing all over again, and this kinda thing is possible to happen when there is not enough preparation effort.

Last in cycles 1 is action. After you filled your blog with contents, submit your blog to site directory and search engine, promoting and starting to get traffic. Now it’s a climax where the blog goes alive and to be viewed by the world. Depend on choice, after sometimes we can join monetizing program such as adsense, chitika etc. ‘Action’ is indeed listed last in cycle 1 but it is actually the trigger for cycle 2 where the process will take longer and requires more effort.

Blog cycle 1 will end here, but be sure to wait for more coming up pretty soon. The next post will be a continuation – blog cycle 2. So, what do you think about this post and my introductory post? I have to say, blogging seriously to make money online is not as simple as blogging as it is. The past few months have been a real revelation. I’ve been learning new things and it feels good. Here at make money online blog, I’m trying to make my post more genuine using my own ways of thinking. Carpe Diem! Till the next post ^_^

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