Make money blogging – Understanding Blogging Cycles 2

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blog_cycle2In make money online and blogging, pulling visitors from search engine is vital whether you are promoting products or trying to earn money through advertisement. So, to get the prospects to visit your site regardless of the promotion, you need to focus on a few things. These few things are called as the SEO, layout and content quality. Many would know what is layout and content quality but few actually heard or understand what is SEO really is. For a beginner, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the purpose is getting high search engine rank for your site.

Next, you need to monitor and analyze your site from time to time. In my previous post, I explained the first chapter of blogging cycles. Therefore in this post, as a finishing and complimentary to the previous post, I will continue with the basic of blogging cycles. Please take note that, these two posts only explain the most basic and fundamentals. For each elements, there are lot of things that can be discuss and argue subjectively. As for there is no perfect winning method in blogging since many factors are involved and there are also many things that effect these factors as well.

Second cycle – feedback > analysis > maintaining

For each action that you made, it will only be a matter of time for you to receive feedbacks even if it’s only a few. This is a good sign, however. It shows that your works are actually viewed by people and the world (even if it’s ‘bots’). It is also a sign that your blog are actually up and working. Example if you put a new post you will see if the post indexed in search engine, is there any visitors from the search engine, has the post received any comments et cetera.

These are the example of things you may get from the analysis as feedbacks:-

Site – popular pages, number page viewed, bounce rate.

Visitors – number, region, keyword used, search engine used, time staying on the site.

Profit – amount profit, per daily or weekly basis, potential based on objectives.

Nevertheless, still you may want to narrow down the feedbacks into few major parts. On my part, I always monitored the number of visitors, page viewed, bounce rate, time staying on the site and the exit link. This is because each of them will justify whether your site has a good potential or not. Here it is suggested to have good analytical tools. At the meantime, I’m using Google analytic to monitor visitors number and bounce rate. It represents data in an interesting way, together with relevant graphs and graphics. All of these are set to be done on daily basis. But you have the choice to narrow down analysis into weekly and daily periods, with daily basis giving you a more accumulated view on how things are going. The other tool I used is Addfreestats. Since it is a real time analytical tool, it can track down visitors’ activities, including specific entering time, page viewed and exit link, which is rather convenient for further analysis input.

Now comes the brain cracking part. Well, that may be a little exaggerating, but you may want to spend some real time analyzing the feedbacks that you get from the analysis tools as wells as on all the comments and other kinds of feedbacks. As I mentioned before, each element will indicate something. For example, the increase of numbers of visits means that your site is popular and has better exposure to readers. Bounce rate indicates the probability that your site has what the readers seek. Low bounce rate means the readers actually took their time exploring you site and viewed more than a page from your site. This data is accompanied by how long the visitors stay on your site too.

But take a note; 0 sec does not mean your visitor stay 0 second and exit your site. It means that your visitor only viewed one page then closed the browser for your page. That’s why it did not have the record for time. Most importantly is your visitors’ exit page. This is because here, it will determine if the visitor can bring you profit or not. If the visitor exits using your Adsense advertisement for example you will almost definitely be earning some penny. If the person exits using your referral link, that is a good thing too. In short, all these analysis are important and equally essential for proper planning. You should get the data and take some time to study it.

From here, the next thing that follows is maintenance. It is to fix what is wrong based on the existing analysis. Your target definitely is to get more visitors, to make visitors stay longer and finally to ensure the visitors exit through your goldmine. Therefore, promoting, upgrading or maintaining the site quality including writing attractive content, SEO and making advertisement or affiliate links more appealing. Anyway, maintaining is mainly focusing on archiving your project objectives.

And the cycles goes on…

In the nutshell, this framework is just from my personal experience managing blogs with make money online as my main objective. Yes, it is far from perfect but this is certainly not the bottom line of everything that is being talked about in this blog. I will continue with my research and study almost definitely. Therefore, if there is someone who has better ideas to share with, better experience and such, I humbly hope you can share them with the rest of the people who would read my writings here. The blog’s all open for discussions.

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