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japanese-film-posterI feel a little awkward when my Japanese friend wrote to me complaining about how expensive it is to watch a movie in Japan. Well, generally I know it is expensive to watch a movie there but I didn’t know how expensive it really was right after when she told me how much it costs.

It was like 6 times much expensive than the cinemas around my place! That is probably one of the reason why watching movies at the cinema is not so much of a craze over there. Japanese people would rather rent videos and DVDs rather than go watching it at the cinema.

The rate it something like the table below:-

Age above 22- : 1,800 yen (about US$20)
Age above 60- : 1,000 yen (about US$11)
Students (16-22): 1,500 yen (about US$16)
Students (7-15) : 1,000 – 1,300 yen (about US$11-$14)
Kids (3-6) : 900 yen (about US$10)

Senior citizen (60 and above) : 1,000 yen

*bikkuri shita!! Shokku da!!*

cinema-paradiso-in-japanBut anyway, just like we all have ladies days and other special rates day, there are a few promotional price in Japan for the Japanese to watch cinema too. They have like the Mens’ day, Ladies day, and respective cinema company’s special promotion days and most of the time it offers around 1,000 yen per show. One special promotion that most cinemas have is the 1,000 yen per show at every first day of the month. Early morning and late night shows can be surprisingly much cheaper than normal show tickets.

All cinemas in Japan have their own website, with show listing, promotions, schedules and guides, though you won’t find any of the website in english translation.

Here’s a few of the website you can check out if you’re planning to catch a movie at a cinema in Japan:

Cinema Paradis0 Chiba

Cineplex Makuhari

Cinelibre Chiba New Town

Cinemax Chiba

XYZ Cinema (T-joy)

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