Weird Ice Cream at Ice Cream City Namja Town

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More weird stuffs from Japan! And it’s edible again.

We all know Japan has many fascinating things to offer and also shocking things too. You can really feel their desire of wanting to be different a lot when you experience things you could never imagine and impossible to see, touch and taste elsewhere.

Do you like ice-cream? I know I do, and I’m pretty much aware that many do too. However, how would you like weird ice cream flavors? If you do, ice cream in Japan can offer you a wide range of ice cream flavors you could never imagine existed in this world. Obviously we are not talking about the typical strawberry or chocolate or tiramisu. Even green tea or cream cheese flavors are quite the normal flavors we find nowadays. So imagine much weirder stuffs than that.

Some of the weird flavors of ice cream available in Japan, whether in shops or vending machines (yes, there are vending machines that sells ice cream there for ¥100 -¥200/ice cream) are like potato and butter ice cream, senbei(or rice cracker) ice cream, seaweed ice cream, wasabi ice cream. They are also alcoholic beverages flavors of ice cream like wine ice cream, sake ice cream and beer-flavored ice cream. Looking for something more odd? Try crab ice cream, octopus ice cream, sea urchin ice cream, garlic ice cream, cactus ice cream  and even chicken ice cream!

Where to Get These Exotic and Weird Ice Cream in Japan

If you are visiting Japan anytime soon and wanted to try these exotic ice cream flavors, make sure to make a short trip to Ice Cream City in Sunshine City situated in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Ice Cream City is the place that gathers all the weird flavored ice creams around Japan. Here you can find flavors like (aside from those mentioned above) Eel ice cream, Prawn ice cream, Oyster ice cream, Shark fin noodle ice cream, Pearl ice cream (made using fine slices of pearl from Japan’s pearl-growing region), Beef tongue ice cream, Raw horseflesh ice cream, Goat ice cream, Soy sauce ice cream, Fried eggplant ice cream, Curry ice cream, Spinach ice cream and even Viagra ice cream!!

How to Get to Ice Cream City in Tokyo, Japan

Ice Cream City Namco Namja Town TokyoIce Cream City is located a floor above Gyoza stadium in Namja town. It’s a theme park and there’s even Ice Cup Museum there, so apparently, you’ll be seeing lots of ice cream around.

Ice Cream City address: Namco Namja Town, Sunshine City, Higashi-Ikebukuro 3 cho-me, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

To get there take train using JR Yamanote line to Otsuka station from Tokyo station. Cost about ¥190, then from  Otsuka station, from the station it’s about 14 minutes of walking distance. See the map below. Park entry is about ¥300 for adults and ¥200 for children.

Japan must have been having lots of great and genius food engineers and researchers to have come up with these exotic flavors. It’s not easy to get the right texture, temperature, maintaining the smell, as well as the taste and aftertaste of these exotic ice creams due to its unusual ingredients.

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