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Manga. A word that may be alien to you. Of course it is if you’re not a Japanese and you don’t even know what are ‘Doraemon’ is. I simply love manga, and I’m not embarrass to say that it was one of the reason as to why I started learning Japanese language. Perhaps the word comics is much more familiar to you right? Well, I guess I’ll tell you anyway.

japanese manga Strawberry 100% Ichigo

Strawberry 100% Ichigo Manga (Credit:Rei)

Manga is a Japanese term for comics and printed cartoons. This word was only used in modern form, with an early and much more concrete introduction shortly after the World War II. In Japan, people of all ages read manga. I can be concluded that manga is a term used outside of Japan to refers to the comics that is originally produced and published in Japan by mangaka or Japanese comic artist.

Nope, it’s never too old or too young for young, although you may have to read according to your own age genre. There are even special manga for adults only, and by no means should children read it. There are so many genres for manga such as shoujo (mostly love stories meant for girls and young teenage girls especially), shounen (more actions and adventure for boys and girls alike), sports and games, historical, drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, sexually explicit, mature and adult and many more. It can also be in form of many book series and episode, oneshots or one book episode and most are also published by compilation of manga in a single publishing weekly magazine such like ‘Weekly Shonen Jump, as shown in the picture below.

Weekly shonen jumpManga industry is a huge success in Japan, and it’s also a big hit elsewhere in the world. Japanese manga can be found in many different languages including English, Chinese, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Korean, French etc. in 2007, the manga business alone has contributed about 406 billion yen in the economic market. So many kind of by products are made out of these manga – films, animations, toys, and many more. They even have a manga university in Japan! Manga is not childish, I’d say it a creative way for the Japanese to show the world of their thoughts, lifestyle, ideology, culture and many more. Nowadays, You do not only find manga on the bookstores and small bookstands, you can even read manga online, but the satisfaction is not the same as when you’re reading the books while peacefully lying down on your bed right? ^0^ There are a few good source of Japanese manga such as mangaupdates.com (manga database), onemanga.com, mangafox.com, mangashare.com, mangavolume.com, unixmanga.com etc to read them online (usually by fans, made for fans)


An article By Guest Writer – Rei, and avid manga reader

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